Alain (Émile-Auguste Chartier)

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The Perspective of the Drowning: Alain Supiot on Simone Weil

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A conversation with Alain Supiot, Verso, (August 19, 2017), from the print edition of l’Obs, David Broder, trans., (July 27 2017).

Alain (Émile-Auguste Chartier): Entry # 2

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“Alain’s career was closely connected with the educational system in France, since he served as professor of rhetoric at the Lycée Henri IV from 1909 until 1933, and bad a profound influence on the thinking of a generation of French intellectuals. In his essays he often adopted a professorial position, providing insights and stimulating thought in a concise, meditative prose style. As with so many French essayists, Alain was a philosopher in the style of Montaigne rather than of Descartes. He did not leave a systematic philosophy, nor a major opus, but a large and disparate collection of personal observations that are both penetrating and amusing. The substance of his thought, however, was profoundly influenced by rigorous Cartesian logic. . . .”

United Architects On Andre Weil