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Book Compilations of Works by Simone Weil Translated into English {selected works}

Simone Weil never published any books in her lifetime. The numerous books we have “by her” consist of compilations selected, organized, and translated by various editors.

What follows, here and elsewhere on this site, is intended primarily for the benefit of English-speaking audiences. That said, it is important to note that some of Weil’s writings have yet to be translated from the French compilation of her work as set out in the multi-volume editions of OEuvres complètes by Simone Weil, most recently edited by Patrice Rolland, Robert Chenavier, and Jean Riaud.

  • The correspondence of Selma Weil is archived at the Houghton Library at Harvard College.(see Articles link on this site.)
  • The correspondence of André Weil is on file at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton University), which include some files re Simone Weil.
  • There is also the French journal devoted to her life and thought, Cahiers Simone Weil published by the French Association pour l’Etude de la Pensée de Simone Weil.
  • See also Perrin, Joseph Marie, Mon dialogue avec Simone Weil, Paris:  Nouvelle Cité, 1984.
  • Debra Jensen and Saundra Lipton worked together on the compilation of an international bibliography of critical works on Simone Weil. Currently 4,900 titles are listed online as Simone Weil Bibliography .
  • With Jensen’s untimely death in July 2012, the English language material is no longer annotated, but Ms. Lipton continues to post updates to the bibliography and to the above-referenced  blog.
  • There is an impressive compilation done in 1973 and then updated in 1980 by J.P. Little: Simone Weil: A Bibliography (London: Grant & Cutler, 1973 & 1979 Supplement).
  • There is also the Oxford Bibliographies on Simone Weil complied by David Levy.
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