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Simone Weil: Waiting for God (parts 1 and 2)–The God Frequency

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Abi Doukhan is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and holds the Pearl and Nathan Halegua Family Initiative in Ethics and Tolerance. She holds a Masters in philosophy from the Sorbonne and a Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Nanterre, Paris, France. Her recent publications include Emmanuel Levinas: A Philosophy of Exile (Bloomsbury, October 2012), and Biblical Portraits of Exile (Routledge, June 2016).

YouTube class lecture (May 13, 2o22)


On Simone Weil and Giotto

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Keynote Lecture delivered at the 2022 American Weil Society’s Friday Web Series, April 9, 2022.

Alexander Nemerov Carl and Marilynn Thoma Provostial Professor in the Arts and Humanities at Stanford University. His publications include Summoning Pearl Harbor (2017); Soulmaker: The Times of Lewis Hine (2016); Icons of Grief: Val Lewton’s Home Front Pictures (2005); and The Body of Raphaelle Peale: Still Life and Selfhood, 1812-1824 (2001). His most recent publication is Fierce Poise: Helen Frankenthaler and 1950s New York (2021).

Co-sponsored by the American Weil Society and the Snite Museum of Art as part of “Translations of Beauty: Simone Weil and Literature,” XL Colloquy of the American Weil Society


The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Translating Simone Weil

American Weil Society event watch

Translating is a formidable task. Three translators of Simone Weil’s works: Ros Schwartz, translator of Weil’s L’Enracinement (forthcoming from Penguin UK) and Philip Wilson and Sylvia Panizza, translators of Weil’s Venise Sauvée and poems (Bloomsbury Press) discussed some of the challenges.

Tess Lewis, an internationally recognized translator, moderated the discussion.


Black Sun: A Letter to a Brother

Valery Panyushkin watch

From Valery Panyushkin, a Russian writer, posted on YouTub. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking, and I very much regret that so little of its power comes through without the rhyme and meter of the language.

Still, here is a highly imperfect translation (adapted from one by Arik Kruglyak). Even if it doesn’t work for you, please forward the YouTube link to any Russian speakers you know; I hope they were as affected by it as I was. — Eugene Volokh 


Commentary on The Iliad or Poem of Force (part 1)

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— Part 2 here

Dr. Andy Amato is an Associate Professor of Instruction – Philosophy at the University of Texas at Dallas.


SIMONE WEIL – La vie au risque de la vérité (SIMONE WEIL – Life at the risk of the truth)

Catherine Deneuve watch

A documentary written and directed by Catherine Deneuve. (in French)

Produced by Grand Lange and KTO / Good projection