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Simone Weil Timeline

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Much of the timeline is excerpted from David McLellan’s Utopian Pessimist: The Life and Thought of Simone Weil (New York: Poseidon Press, 1990), pp. 297-300, reprinted and expanded with permission secured on 10-27-20. The McLellan timeline was supplemented by dates and facts contained in, among other places, the chronologies appearing in J.P. Little’s Simone Weil: Waiting on Truth (Oxford: Berg,1988), pp. 157-160, and Robert Coles’ Simone Weil: A Modern Pilgrimage (New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1987), pp. xxi-xxiv. Finally, beyond my own numerous additions, I have added links in various places.

Simone Weil Geography

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The following is a list of the countries, cities, and regions in which Simone Weil grew up and later traveled to in her lifetime.

“Simone Weil on having an inner life”

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We readily recognize the concept of an inner life as a moral category. We struggle to say what an inner life is, though. This essay examines and rejects naturalistic attempts to either dismiss the idea of an inner life or make it a matter of brain states, a sort of efficient causality to behaviour. Relying on Simone Weil’s distinction between “the language of the market place and the language of the nuptial chamber,” it distinguishes, as she did, between levels of value. The inner life is a life of dealing with values that demand some kind of personal and intimate response.

Philosophical Investigations, vol. 43, nos. 1-2, pp. 142-157.